Car Repossession can happen at any time of the day or night know your options!

It seems the hustle and bustle of the holidays isn’t letting up on us any time soon – whether it be shopping trips, school functions, family gatherings or office parties, it seems we are on the move this month more than any other time of year! With all that traveling, the last thing anyone wants […]

Don’t Fall For This Holiday Mistake!

Between the crisp air and harvest colored leaves, it is undeniable that the holiday season is upon us here in Eastern North Carolina. But while you are wrapping yourselves in extra layers – and beginning to wrap those presents for family, friends and colleagues – I want to encourage you to avoid the seemingly “easy credit” […]

Iconic Barneys New York Department Store files for Bankruptcy protection

The end of an era? In this New York Times article, Vanessa Friedman and Sapna Maheshwari take an exploratory look at the recent bankruptcy proceedings of iconic New York department store Barneys New York. As they so aptly summarized the situation: “Retail watchers will probably be arguing for years over what, or who, was to […]

Forever 21 files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that yet another international retail giant, Forever 21, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection in September – but what does that mean exactly for both the corporation itself, and the consumer? In this article Terry Nguyen takes an in-depth look at Forever 21’s filing – and how online shopping […]

Bankruptcy Terms to Know

Unless you have specialized legal experience or other unique circumstances, there is a good change that you have never had to do any work within the Federal Court System. I’d venture to guess that a rather significant portion of the population would fall into this category, my clients included, so I wanted to put together […]

If I ignore my creditors won’t they eventually just go away?

This is a more common question than you might think, and the short answer is simply, “No”. From a theoretical standpoint you have three options when it comes to handling a debt that has turned into a financial problem: You have the option to file bankruptcy. You have the option to work out a deal […]

Do I Need An Attorney To File Bankruptcy?

Although this is not something that I am asked very often, it does come up from time to time in conversations that I have with new clients, and I wanted to address this topic in more detail. The simple answer is, no – you do not technically need to hire an attorney to file for […]