3 Steps to a More Joyful Christmas

Report after report have surfaced in recent weeks touting the record setting amounts spent globally during Black Friday this year. In a matter of days, even in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, billions upon billions of dollars were spent. I love a good deal as much as anybody, but before you are enticed […]

Making Merry Without Breaking the Bank!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to really sit back and reflect on just how much we all truly have to be thankful for. And with it also being the unofficial kick-off to the Holiday season, it is also the perfect time to strategically plan for the festivities that make this time of year […]

What does it actually mean when a retailer files for bankruptcy relief?

As the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to ripple around the globe, it has become almost common place to hear of one major retailer or another filing for bankruptcy protection. But what does that mean exactly? “A common misconception among consumers — when they see their favorite brands are headed to bankruptcy court […]

100 Frugal Habits to Adopt NOW!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already November – it seems like time speeds up as the months pass by. With the holidays just around the corner, and as we all look forward to new beginnings in the new year, why not try some of these frugal habits to save money and add more margin […]

Rent, Mortgages, Student Loans and The Coronavirus

According to a recent Mortgage Bankers Association report, more than 6 million households missed either rent or mortgage payments in September. And an additional 26 million people missed student loan payments. “Rent and mortgage payment collections improved over the summer as more people went back to work, but high unemployment continues to place hardships on […]

Movie Theatres: Almost a thing of the past?

As Sarah Whitten writes, “The National Association of Theatre Owners estimates that if revenue declines continue, 69% of small and midsized cinema companies would be forced to file for bankruptcy or close permanently.”

Business, Bankruptcy and COVID-19

Being a small business owner, or even a medium to large business owner, comes with a unique set of financial challenges that seem to only be intensified by the current COVID-19 crisis. Many businesses have had to furlough or layoff staff; all while trying to limp forward day-by-day. Many entrepreneurs are being faced with the […]

Reestablishing Creditworthiness after Bankruptcy

As I’m sure you can imagine, we receive a lot of questions about reestablishing credit, and how to point your finances in the right direction after filing for bankruptcy relief. Part of our commitment to our clients is to walk with you through not just the filing of your bankruptcy, but in reestablishing your financial […]

Money Myths: What to Question, and Why

One of the unintended consequences of seeking out information in a high-speed, interconnected and technology driven world is often times not the lack of information, but rather the overabundance of it. Everyone seems to be an expert – and even if they don’t claim to be, they most definitely have an opinion that they are […]

Gone for Good?

One word can be used to describe the current and immediate future of the job market: bleak. What does the ongoing pandemic mean for your industry going forward? This article takes a deeper dive into the hard numbers and even harsher reality of the ongoing global crisis in terms of employment.