Bankruptcy Terms to Know

Unless you have specialized legal experience or other unique circumstances, there is a good change that you have never had to do any work within the Federal Court System. I’d venture to guess that a rather significant portion of the population would fall into this category, my clients included, so I wanted to put together […]

If I ignore my creditors won’t they eventually just go away?

This is a more common question than you might think, and the short answer is simply, “No”. From a theoretical standpoint you have three options when it comes to handling a debt that has turned into a financial problem: You have the option to file bankruptcy. You have the option to work out a deal […]

Do I Need An Attorney To File Bankruptcy?

Although this is not something that I am asked very often, it does come up from time to time in conversations that I have with new clients, and I wanted to address this topic in more detail. The simple answer is, no – you do not technically need to hire an attorney to file for […]