Top 5 Reasons People Go Bankrupt

Although there are many contributing factors to why one may declare bankruptcy, there are a few financial stressors that top most lists year after year. This article details a few of the top reasons people ultimately will file for bankruptcy relief – some of them may surprise you!

Feeling Financial Stress Like The Majority of Americans?

“A new survey by Bankrate found money is often a significant cause of stress for most Americans: 52 percent say money has a negative impact on their mental health, up significantly from 42 percent a year ago. Among those who say money has a negative impact on their mental health, more than 4 in 5 […]

Wants: How do you pay for them?

“We all have ‘wants,’ and some things we wish to do or have are expensive,” writes Vicki Cook and Amy Blacklock. They continue, “While saving a down payment for a home or car and putting away money for a child’s education are considered ‘needs’ by some, you might also include them in the want category. […]

Famous People – they really are just like us!

Most people think that fame and fortune go hand in hand, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, here are just a few famous faces who have filed for bankruptcy: Politicians Abraham Lincoln Thomas Jefferson Ulysses S. Grant George McCovern John Connally William McKinley Celebrities Burt Reynolds Natalie Cole Mickey Rooney Elton […]

Mid-Month Motivation

Did you know that the average restaurant dish contains 60% more calories than a homemade meal? If that isn’t shocking enough, a meal eaten out also typically costs between $9 – $25 per person, which can add up to more than $200 in one week for the average family. Saving money and calories are just […]


Living a meaningful life looks different for each of us, however there are steps we can each take to hone our intentionality skills. Strive to become deliberate in how you spend your time and money so that you can focus on what you’ve defined as necessary in your life. To live more intentionally, make a […]

Kids and Money

When is the best time to speak to your children about money? Well, now. To start the conversation here is a short video of 10 things that you should discuss with your children about money, the earlier and more frequently the better.

Tips for Reducing Financial Stress in 2023

“Your finances can seem like both a gift and a curse when navigating through life. It can be a sense of overwhelming accomplishment or a downward spiral that can lead to health issues if not managed. According to a study by Thrive Global, 90% of individuals say that money impacts their stress levels. Whether your […]

How do you want your life to be different one year from now?

“As Matthew Kelly points out we often get so caught up in the present and past, we forget to dream about the future. As the year changes for everyone worldwide, why not stop and ask yourself, How do I want my life to be different one year from now? Boldly begin to take the steps […]

Housing market predictions for 2023

“If ‘hot’ was the overused word to describe the U.S. housing market in 2021, then lukewarm to outright freezing might best describe how the market fared overall this year,” writes Swapna Venugopal Ramaswamy for USA Today. Here, she takes a deeper dive into what to expect in the year ahead, as six experts weigh in on […]