Nearly Two-thirds of Americans are Struggling Financially: Are you one of them?

According to a new poll, “a majority of middle-class Americans are experiencing financial hardship that they expect will continue for the rest of their lives. Findings published by the National True Cost of Living Coalition show that 65% of Americans whose incomes are 200% above the national poverty line – which is about $62,300 for […]

Never? It Happens All The Time!

Have you ever thought, “Oh, that will never happen to me…”? If we’re honest, we all have – and then inevitably, never happens. You lose that job that was so secure. You receive the diagnosis that you never thought you would receive – and all the bills that come with it. Someone you love dies […]

Are Viral Tik-Tok Products Draining Your Wallet?

Even casual social media users are all too familiar with the endless stream of viral products infiltrating their feeds. We are constantly encouraged to buy more – to buy faster. According to a recent Bankrate survey “Americans spend around $754 a year on spur-of-the-moment purchases made on social media platforms”. Yikes! While that may not […]

Financial Stewardship in 2024

“As the calendar flips to a new year, the desire for a fresh start echoes within us all. After a month of disruptions, from irregular sleep patterns to indulgent spending, the longing for routine and a renewed perspective is palpable,” writes Dawn Carroll. For many, the best place to start is with a financial wellness […]

The numbers for 2023 are in…

As anticipated, “U.S. bankruptcy filings surged by 18% in 2023 on the back of higher interest rates, tougher lending standards and the continued runoff of pandemic-era backstops…,” reports Dan Burns for Reuters. Top analysts anticipate the climb in consumer and commercial bankruptcy filings to continue in 2024 as well, due to “…the runoff of pandemic […]

Financial Abuse: What You Should Know

Domestic violence doesn’t always stop at physical abuse. In fact, statistics show that financial abuse is present in 99% of domestic abuse situations. So what is financial abuse, and how do you protect yourself? For starters, knowledge is power. Here are key indicators of financial abuse to look out for . If you are someone […]

The Quick Fix

Do you find yourself mindlessly spending money to solve problems that aren’t related to purchasing at all? Stop and identify the real problem- for example, have you ever bought unnecessary items while thinking: I’m tired, I’m anxious, I’m angry, or I’m bored? Identify a step you can take to fix the real problem that you […]

Financial Advice for Young People

A recent study by USF found that less than half of college graduates have the necessary aptitude to succeed financially. If you know a young adult who can use some sound financial advice, here are six principles to get them started off on the correct path with their finances.

Big Expenses

Needs versus wants – an ancient struggle that everyone has to face, but how do you deal with big ticket purchases? Consider this check list the next time you find yourself needing guidance and insight prior to making an expensive purchase.

Can’t buy me love – or so the saying goes…

Whoever said you can’t buy love was absolutely right! And not only can you not  buy love, but spending quality time with your significant other doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag either. Here are four ways to have an amazing date night – even when you’re on a budget!