Gone for Good?

One word can be used to describe the current and immediate future of the job market: bleak. What does the ongoing pandemic mean for your industry going forward? This article takes a deeper dive into the hard numbers and even harsher reality of the ongoing global crisis in terms of employment.

Do you want to reach your financial goals faster?

Women Who Money share their insight into maximizing your income in order to reach your financial goals, and secure your future, faster.

What about the companies I see on TV that say they will wipe out my debts without bankruptcy?

There are many unfounded claims being made by agencies that do not have the right to practice law. The Federal Trade Commission recently warned of these “credit repair” scams. The truth is, these companies depend on your creditors voluntarily agreeing to reduce your debt in exchange for a lump sum payment. Unlike legal debt relief, […]

Cirque du Soleil Files For Bankruptcy

As another month draws to a close, the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic finds yet another victim in Las Vegas Strip mainstay, Cirque du Soleil. The company announced Monday that they will be filing for bankruptcy protection.

24-Hour Fitness Declares Bankruptcy

Yet another casualty of the COVID-19 crisis was witnessed on Monday, with 24-Hour Fitness filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Their anticipated closing of 130+ gyms may only be the beginning – as Danielle Wallace reports for Fox Business, “Experts expect a dramatic shift in the U.S. fitness industry even after coronavirus restrictions are lifted, […]

Your questions answered: I’m married, do my spouse and I both have to file bankruptcy?

This is a question I have received quite a bit over the years, but it seems to be coming up more and more these days. The simple answer is: NO, you can absolutely file for bankruptcy protection as an individual, even if you are married! Whether you should or not depends on who is legally […]

Coronavirus: More than just an issue of our health.

The coronavirus has been wreaking havoc for months, but the full extent of its infectious nature doesn’t stop with our health and wellbeing. In the words of Emily Pandise, “From iconic department stores to entertainment giants, the coronavirus has seemingly spared no one in its devastation of the U.S. economy.” Here is a list of […]

Pandemic – Related Frugality

Have you noticed yourself recently turning to some old tried-and-true tricks, or perhaps even newly acquired frugal behaviors during the weeks since the global COVID-19 outbreak? If so, you’re not alone. Here’s a closer look at this new “novel frugality” – quirky tips, interesting facts and a deeper dive into where these behaviors stem from.

It’s time to live on a budget

There’s no time like the present – or so the saying goes. This statement has never seemed more valid than during the uncertain financial times that we currently find ourselves in. While we continue to keep an eye on the global pandemic that is COVID-19, let’s not forget to keep an eye on our financial […]

COVID-19 and Your Financial Wellbeing

Physical wellbeing and financial wellbeing have always gone hand-in-hand, but the current COVID-19 pandemic is shedding a new light on this unique relationship. In this article, bloggers Vicki Cook and Amy Blacklock of Women Who Money take an in-depth look at the impact our current global health crisis plays on our personal financial health. Implementing […]