Get out those calculators!

Have you ever wondered what exactly you should be doing with your money? Vicki Cook and Amy Blacklock of Women Who Money pose these questions: “How much of my monthly income should I save? Should I invest or pay off debt? Which debt should I pay off first? What car loan can I afford? How […]

Back-to-School Budgeting

Veronica Matthews and Nicole Dow of The Penny Hoarder aren’t kidding when they write, “Back-to-school season comes around the same time every year, but like the holidays, it has a tendency to sneak up on parents — and their bank accounts. With inflation and up-and-down gas prices, back-to-school is shaping up to be an even […]

Have you had “The Talk” with your kids?

Breck Dumas reports for Fox Business that, “young people are at risk of being sent out into the world without the necessary knowledge to make sound financial decisions that will set them up for future success.” Startingly, he points out that, “the vast majority of U.S. states do not require high school students to take […]

Challenging Financial Times

An article posted by Oklahoma Central CU starts quite frankly by stating: “Few people are lucky enough to have no experience with financial issues.” I couldn’t agree more. They continue by pointing out that, “…many of us face the same struggles and challenges when it comes to building financial security, saving money, and adjusting to […]

New to Saving? Here are 7 Tips to Get You on the Right Path:

Budget for everything – even your groceries! Spending consciously when you’re at the store is a game changer. Switch Cable or Phone Services. There may be cheaper options available. Unsubscribe from Unnecessary Monthly Subscriptions. Many apps, streaming services and food companies offer convenient monthly payment models, but you may be falling prey to excessive subscriptions. […]

Do you feel crushed by debt?

“Our society has a giant problem: most people are financially illiterate. And it’s not even their fault. Because we don’t learn how to manage money as kids, we are easily convinced by corporations to go into debt as young adults—buying things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like. […]

Tax Refund? How about Debt Relief Fund!

Are you ahead of the crowd? Have you already filed your tax returns? Did you receive a tax refund? Now let me ask you this: What have you done to help your future self with those unexpected funds? While tax refunds can get some pushback as being an interest free loan to the federal government, […]

Ever-Increasing Monthly Expenses?

Mounting debt isn’t the only thing on people’s minds these days. Rising cost of living and price increases seem to be touching every aspect of our daily lives and with gas prices continuing their upward trend, expert Dave Ramsey weighs in on how to save money with uncertainty at the pump. It’s only natural to […]

It’s time to give up…

It’s time to give up – that’s right, I said it! But please don’t misunderstand my sentiment. It is time to give up, but not in the way that you might be thinking. It is time to give up on judging your past financial mistakes. It is time to give up on trying to keep […]

One Size Fits All Bankruptcy? Not so fast!

All Bankruptcies Are NOT The Same Begin by asking yourself: Am I having trouble paying my living expenses? Am I behind on some or all of my bills? Have I recently lost my job? Do I owe a lot in credit card debt? Do I have a lot of medical bills? Am I in over […]