Challenging Financial Times

An article posted by Oklahoma Central CU starts quite frankly by stating: “Few people are lucky enough to have no experience with financial issues.”

I couldn’t agree more. They continue by pointing out that, “…many of us face the same struggles and challenges when it comes to building financial security, saving money, and adjusting to major life events.”

Here is a rundown of the top 10 problems facing US consumers right now:

  1. Monthly spending exceeds income.
  2. You can’t get out from under car payments
  3. You carry a credit card balance every month.
  4. You don’t have an emergency fund.
  5. Your rent keeps going up.
  6. A new baby brings unexpected costs.
  7. You owe the hospital for medical care.
  8. Your student loan debt limits your financial capabilities.
  9. You aren’t saving enough for retirement.
  10. You feel overwhelmed by financial matters.

Financial literacy, as with all paths to learning, is far more affective when you have a team of advisors. The burden of re-writing your financial future shouldn’t fall to you alone.

By working within the federal bankruptcy court system, my office has successfully navigated these financial burdens for hundreds of families. Allow us to work for you in easing the stress of these top 10 financial triggers and charting a course forward that brings you peace of mind for your future.