You have questions, we have answers: What about the companies I see on TV that say they will wipe out my debts without bankruptcy?

There are many unfounded claims being made by agencies that do not have the right to practice law.

The Federal Trade Commission recently warned of these “credit repair” scams.

The truth is, these companies depend on your creditors voluntarily agreeing to reduce your debt in exchange for a lump sum payment. Unlike legal debt relief, they cannot force your creditors to stop harassing you or even to participate in the deal. They cannot stop collection agency harassment or judgments against you.

Only legal debt relief can accomplish this. Furthermore, they usually charge far more to reduce a few of your debts than any attorney charges to legally eliminate all of the same debts. If you are serious about dealing with your debt, please talk to an attorney before you consider one of these debt settlement programs. If you are participating in one of these plans, it isn’t too late – call our office today for help in getting real debt relief!