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You have questions, we have answers: If I file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief, will I have to make monthly payments to every creditor?

You have questions, we have answers: If I file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief, will I have to make monthly payments to every creditor? No! This is why: Chapter 13 bankruptcy is NOT a debt consolidation. We will determine your payment based on what you can afford to pay on a monthly basis. You will […]

You have questions, we have answers: If I filed bankruptcy previously, can I file again?

Yes, but how long you have to wait to re-file depends on the type of bankruptcy that you initially filed, if you received a discharge, and the type of bankruptcy you now wish to file. The re-filing time periods vary from two years to eight years. We can help you navigate the best time to […]

You have questions, we have answers: I am married, do both of us have to file bankruptcy?

No, you can absolutely file individually! Whether you should or not depends on who is legally liable on the debts that you have: ~ If you have individual debts, then filing individually may make the most sense for your family. ~ If you have joint debts with your spouse, it may not be a good […]

You have questions, we have answers: I have been told if I file for bankruptcy I will lose my home, is this true?

This is completely false! One of the main purposes of filing bankruptcy is to protect your most important assets, like your home. And if you are current on your payments, you can rest assured that your home’s equity will be protected from creditors as well. At a minimum, North Carolina individuals can protect $35,000 worth […]

You have questions, we have answers: Don’t I have to give up everything I own if I file for Bankruptcy?

Absolutely not! North Carolina and Florida law set up exemptions that will protect your assets from creditors. We will determine if you can keep everything you own under NC or FL law before you file for bankruptcy protection. Most of our clients who are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy are able to keep everything they […]

You have questions, we have answers: What will bankruptcy do about the collection agencies that keep harassing me?

Leave a debt unpaid long enough and chances are you will receive multiple daily reminders of the unpaid balance, late fees, accruing interest and potential legal actions that will be taken against you. It is stressful enough to know that you aren’t able to meet a financial obligation, but add unsavory collections practices to mounting […]

What does it actually mean when a retailer files for bankruptcy relief?

As the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to ripple around the globe, it has become almost common place to hear of one major retailer or another filing for bankruptcy protection. But what does that mean exactly? “A common misconception among consumers — when they see their favorite brands are headed to bankruptcy court […]

Movie Theatres: Almost a thing of the past?

As Sarah Whitten writes, “The National Association of Theatre Owners estimates that if revenue declines continue, 69% of small and midsized cinema companies would be forced to file for bankruptcy or close permanently.”

Business, Bankruptcy and COVID-19

Being a small business owner, or even a medium to large business owner, comes with a unique set of financial challenges that seem to only be intensified by the current COVID-19 crisis. Many businesses have had to furlough or layoff staff; all while trying to limp forward day-by-day. Many entrepreneurs are being faced with the […]

Reestablishing Creditworthiness after Bankruptcy

As I’m sure you can imagine, we receive a lot of questions about reestablishing credit, and how to point your finances in the right direction after filing for bankruptcy relief. Part of our commitment to our clients is to walk with you through not just the filing of your bankruptcy, but in reestablishing your financial […]