Don’t think you can afford an attorney? What is $0 Down Bankruptcy Filing?

This is a question that I get asked alot when I first talk with prospective clients about filing for bankruptcy relief. I mean, if you are having financial troubles to begin with, you usually don’t have a lot of extra money lying around to pay attorney’s fees, right? This is why we do not require payment of our attorneys’ fees upfront for filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in North Carolina. Our fees can be paid through your Chapter 13 plan – all that’s needed to file is a small administrative fee and the court’s filing fee – the same fees you would pay if you filed pro se.

This is as close to free as we can offer and leaves your money freed up for more important things, like feeding your family and keeping a roof over your head. We are truly here to assist you with making a financial U-turn!

(And, although we cannot offer this same deep discount to our Florida clients, we do offer reduced upfront attorney’s fees for filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, with the bulk of the cost being similarly paid through your Chapter 13 plan.)