Don’t Fall For This Holiday Mistake!

Between the crisp air and harvest colored leaves, it is undeniable that the holiday season is upon us here in Eastern North Carolina. But while you are wrapping yourselves in extra layers – and beginning to wrap those presents for family, friends and colleagues – I want to encourage you to avoid the seemingly “easy credit” ploys that are almost as abundant in stores these days as shiny colored packages. The last thing anyone wants to have follow them into the New Year is piles of debt.

And while I’m on the topic of debt, if you have fallen victim in years past to these “easy credit” holiday schemes, fast cash loans and holiday “creative financing”, perhaps the best present that you can give yourself and your family this year is simply the freedom of not having to carry all of that burden into the New Year.

My family and I are here to help in times of financial need. We know how stressful the holidays can be, without the added worry of things like utility shutoffs, wage garnishments, or the threat of losing your home or car. Making mistakes is what makes us all human, but we don’t have to be burdened by those mistakes for a lifetime!

There is relief when you need it – call me and I can show you the path to a stress-free holiday season, at least where your finances are concerned!

I hope you enjoy the cool weather, the comfort of the holidays and the love of your families.

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!