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You can rely on Felden and Felden, PA to provide you with dynamic bankruptcy services and debt elimination solutions under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, not only because of our decades of experience, but because we have a deep rooted care for our community. We’re locals! And we know that when life gets better for one of us, it truly gets better for all of us. We look forward to exploring your options with you and mapping out a plan for your debt freedom journey.

Which Chapter Is Best for You?

Unrelenting creditors hound you day in and day out – that needs to stop TODAY! You need immediate relief from the debts that are overwhelming your family, but Google searches usually leave you with more questions than answers. Even if you have the opportunity to speak with several different bankruptcy attorneys about your unique situation – and that’s a big if – you may still not fully understand which bankruptcy chapter is best for you! Selecting the most favorable chapter requires careful examination and analysis of your circumstances.

Attorney Christian B. Felden is considered by his clients to be highly skilled and knowledgeable in this area of practice, and is a lawyer who genuinely understands the importance of how each financial detail correlates to each chapter’s precise requirements. With so much at stake – your property, your piece of mind, your family’s future financial stability – you need a highly qualified and experienced attorney to match the right chapter to your unique situation. You can count on Attorney Christian B. Felden to do just that!

We provide complete bankruptcy services in Jacksonville, Wilmington and surrounding areas.

Let us explain how bankruptcy can help you and your family!

  • Put a stop to creditor harassment
  • Put a stop to repossession
  • Put a stop to home foreclosure
  • Put a stop to court judgments against you
  • Get a complete discharge of your debts
  • Keep what you have worked so hard for – even after bankruptcy
  • Our $0 down bankruptcy works!

Financial Freedom. Right here, right now!