Required Counseling Session

Pre-filing Credit Counseling Course, Post-filing Financial Education Class

When filing for bankruptcy relief there are certain requirements imposed by the bankruptcy court that must be met. One of those requirements is the successful completion of a pre-filing Credit Counseling Course and a post-filing Financial Education Class. There are many companies out there who offer these courses, however, only a handful are actually accredited and recognized by the bankruptcy court, therefore we suggest completing these necessary courses with Debt Helper and Dave Ramsey’s Debtor Education at and use attorney code NC0244. As of right now, we are the only endorsed attorney in Eastern North Carolina by Dave Ramsey and one of only two endorsed attorneys in the state.

Upon your successful completion of each of these courses, a certificate will be issued. Please have a copy of this certificate sent to our office so that we may file it with the Bankruptcy Court on your behalf.

Additional information regarding these courses can be found in the PDF documents below.

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