Attorney Christian B. Felden’s mission is to fight for and guide his clients, with personalized service, through the process of regaining control of their lives after suffering a financial setback. Attorney Felden has even stated that, “I gauge my success not by the number of cases that I file, but by the number of clients who have referred business to my practice over the years. The greatest compliment that I can receive is your confidence that I will provide the same outstanding service to your friends, families, neighbors, and co-workers.” But don’t take his word for it, take theirs!

I was drowning in debt and did not know what to do. My credit was in ruins as was my feeling of self-worth. I felt like a total failure. I called Felden & Felden for some guidance. They treated me [..] Read More

Tonya Farmer, NC

Just wanted to take a second to say Thank You to you, Chris, and Megan for all of your help getting our bankruptcy done. You all were very professional and made the process very easy. At all times you made [..] Read More

Mike and Tatia, North Carolina

For any of you Marines and Sailors out there in need of debt relief, Christian and Victoria Felden are the best attorneys in town. I was 21 and in over $30,000 dollars of unsecured debt. Christian put my mind at [..] Read More

Ryan G., North Carolina

Mr. Felden, you have made our success very easy for my family and I. We will be willing to refer all family, and friends to Felden & Felden Bankruptcy Law. It's easy, not complicated, he'll do all the work for [..] Read More

Linda and David Willis, NC

Wow! What can I say- Christian, Megan and Victoria are absolutely amazing. I have been around the block a time or two, and I have never been through a more professional process in my entire life. The communication, consultation and [..] Read More

Anonymous, NC

Words can’t describe this attorney and staff. He took on my case and took my worries away. What I perceived to be difficult he explained as simple as 1,2,3. The entire staff is very pleasant and fully aware of where [..] Read More

Ashante Garrett, NC

What do you say when someone lifts a tremendous burden from your back? What do you say when someone uses their knowledge, expertise and understanding to help free your mind from constant worry and the could-haves, should haves and would [..] Read More

Annie Gillon, NC

Thanks your quick instant response. I will definitely refer others to you guys in the future.

Dejuan Willis, NC

You have no idea the difference you have made in my life. Not just the assistance with my bankruptcy case, but also the Christian sentiments of concern. Please thank all your staff. You all have made a difference.

Sylvia Wilson, NC

Good Morning well for the last 1 ½ years I've had life changing circumstances. I was doing research and needed a very dependable and on point bankruptcy attorney. Chris Felden along with his professional and very courteous Legal Assistant, Megan [..] Read More

Kenneth Milan, NC

Chris was amazing. He helped us with everything we needed. His assistant Megan was also amazing. She helped so much with all the questions I had. Chris is also very family oriented and did not mind that we had to [..] Read More

Brittney and Robert Standridge, NC

Thanks for your help in filing my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I was in dire need of some assistance with my finances and you were there to get me back on track. I appreciate the help in filing my claim as [..] Read More

Stephanie Nix, NC

I am highly satisfied with amount of professionalism shown by this firm. Mr. Felden and his team have been very patient with me during this process. I can finally get back on track financially!

Dejuan Willis, NC

Thank the Good Lord and Felden and Felden.

Naples, Florida

Our experience with Mr. Felden and Megan have been so positive and helpful. They handle everything in a professional manner and we would highly recommend their services. Thank you for helping us get thru a very difficult time.

Janet and Arthur Tucker, Florida

Chris made the process so simple and clear. It is a pleasure to deal with such a knowledge and prompt team. They have been a real blessing with their attention to detail and comforting counsel.

T.H., North Carolina

We wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you all for the ease of mind and all your patience displayed. We appreciate your dedication to our needs and we are so thankful for your gratitude. Be [..] Read More

The Bradberry Family, NC

After making the call and receiving the book, I called Chris Felden and he spent about an hour on the phone explaining and answering my questions. Chris and Vicky helped us through the process and were there to lean on [..] Read More

– J.F. and A.F., NC

Makes sense - do one thing and do it well. I've been super impressed with your team. Website, emails, the whole shebang! Kudos

Loretta Orozco, NC

I was number 38 at the 341 meeting before the trustee. Quickly, I realized that they call people up individually, but it is grouped by attorney. Mr. Felden was last that day. I was his 2nd to the last case. [..] Read More

Darryl, NC

Thank you!! We are so relieved to finally put this chapter behind us. Thank you again for all your support and consultation, it meant the world to us.

Anonymous, NC

I thank God that Chris and your staff worked with me to get my case filed and car returned. My son and I owe you and your firm the most huge gratitude and we will be forever grateful.

Demetrius Lawry, NC

I would like to thank all of you at Felden & Felden for allowing me the opportunity to witness such sincerity, courteous and patience with me. Less than two weeks ago I felt my life crashing before my eyes and [..] Read More

Charlotte Hill, NC

I want to thank all of you for your help with the bankruptcy. This has already begun to help my wife and I to get everything under control financially and it has only been two months. Things were hard to [..] Read More

Mike Nutting, North Carolina

Thank you all very much for all of your help it's been a rough time and I appreciate it very much. ~ Matt Nottingham

Matt Nottingham

Your excellent service has been amazing. Thank you for listening to and answering all of our many questions. Thank you again for you and your teams efforts on assisting us. Outstanding service!

Anonymous, NC

Just wanted to once again say thank you for all your help with everything.... I really do appreciate you answering all my questions and being so easy to get in touch with. These days it seems any type of a [..] Read More

William Vaughn, NC

It is my understanding our bankruptcy has been discharged. I just wanted to drop you a short note to say thank you for all your help. You are very professional and were on the money when I needed letters sent [..] Read More

Mike and Kathie Breneman, Florida

Thanks for the email!! Often times people suffer from different situations on a daily basis. Not always knowing what to do or where to go can be a disaster. From day 1, Felden and Felden made it very simple for [..] Read More

Tracy Pickett, NC

Thank you and all of your team for everything you have done for me. I will gladly recommend you to family and friends. And again, thanks for all your help.

Ronald Bourbeau, NC

I would like to thank everybody for helping me through the bankruptcy process. It was a long and quite humbling period.

Michelle Mazur

Wow!!! Thank you so very much!! This is great!!!!! Bankruptcy is such a stressful ordeal and it is such a weight off me to have this behind me. Thanks a million!!!

Christine Oldytowski

I appreciate all that you have done to help me in this. I will be let my friends and family know about y’all. Again thank y'all from the bottom of my heart.. Thank you..

Douglas W Ipock, North Carolina

I will continue to spread the word of y’all. If not for y’all I would still not be able to eat or pay a bill. Now I want for nothing, we have food, and bills are paid. I could not [..] Read More

Sara Walker

Thank you and your family so much. I cannot express how much I appreciate all your help. This has been a smooth process.

Stephanie Utley, North Carolina

Good morning, I want to thank you again for helping me through the bankruptcy Chapter 13 process that finally came to an end. You were there for me all the way. I got discharged back in October from the Trustee, [..] Read More

Philomene Paquiot

My husband and I just wanted to express our gratitude to you guys for the support and help you have shown through this process. You guys are easy to understand and straight to the point. Although things aren't perfect for [..] Read More

Phyllis and Jon LeRoy, NC

Oh awesome! Thank you! I am so happy I chose your office to take care of my bankruptcy and get the info so I could take Dave's course! It really has helped us plan for our future for our kiddos [..] Read More

NC, Anonymous

Absolutely love this team. Filing bankruptcy is like pushing a panic button. I am so happy we decided to use Chris Felden. He eliminated stress and has initiated us on a path of recovery and happiness. His team is very [..] Read More

PL, North Carolina

Thank you for the swift response, I appreciate your office and Chris Felden helping me file this bankruptcy so quickly. After the amazing Debt Relief Course we have cut up all of our credit cards so we can actually start [..] Read More

Tasha Matkin

Thank you Victoria! Do you ever sleep? 🙂


I am quite happy to provide a testimonial on your behalf. For you, (and Megan), took a most difficult & ambiguous bankruptcy... and made all aspects of the bankruptcy easy to understand. I cannot thank you both enough for your [..] Read More

Mack Marshall - North Carolina

I just wanted to thank everyone there for helping me get through this process of bankruptcy. My 341 meeting was very short but I was nervous. It went well. Thanks again for all your help. I can finally relax, make [..] Read More


Thank you so much. You’re a miracle worker. After losing my job and accumulating debt I was sinking into a financial hole. Finally after learning about bankruptcy and talking with Mr. Felden I knew that financial stability was in my [..] Read More

S. G., North Carolina

Maybe tonight I can get some sleep. Thank you. Chris, Vicky, and Megan are true life savers in many ways.

Stephanie Heinzerling, North Carolina

Wanted to thank you Mr. Felden for your time yesterday and thanks for all your help getting my paperwork done. Thank you to Megan for all your help in this matter too. Without the both of you this would not [..] Read More

Roy P., Florida

"Thank You" doesn't begin to describe the overwhelming relief we feel knowing we are able to answer the phone and leave our house. Circumstances put us in a situation we couldn't deal with and everyone at Felden & Felden was [..] Read More

Dayna Prevost, Florida

Thank you for everything I will recommend you to family and friends here in NC, y’all have helped me a lot.

Catherine Heckman, North Carolina

“When my family began facing unexpected financial difficulties, we didn’t know where to turn. Fortunately, we received a recommendation to speak with Attorney Christian B. Felden. He talked with me at length about my family’s specific circumstances, explaining the different [..] Read More

Janet Harvey-Clark, North Carolina


Robert Ramocki, Florida

“Thanks for responding on a Saturday. For a lawyer that's as rare as a doctor making a free house call.Thx again"

Jonathan Summit, North Carolina

“Thank you and all of your team for everything you have done for me and my wife during this bankruptcy process.”

Matt Streicher, North Carolina

“It means the world to us to have you in our corner. Can’t express that enough. You’ve been amazing. We couldn’t have asked for better folks to work with.”

Scott and Tammy Minyard, North Carolina

“Thank you so much. You are a very kind and understanding individual. More businesses should operate and show compassion as you do.”

Freddie Smiling, North Carolina

“You’ve been great…do you know that? Really responsive and thorough and always kind. I thank you for that. This has been very overwhelming and embarrassing and you made it much easier than I anticipated.”

Anonymous, North Carolina

“You have been such a big help. I know you are probably a very busy person and to take the time to speak to me means a lot. May it pay forward. You’re my angel!”

Jamie G., Florida

“You’re my hero!”

S.T., North Carolina

We just want to thank you for all your hard work in helping us with our Bankruptcy. Everyone there has been very courteous and helpful as well as patient. We both appreciate all you have done and will certainly refer [..] Read More

Charles and Lynn Reber, Florida

“Thanks so much for everything!!”

Mary Ranck, Florida

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